Stefan Walther

I like to blog. I like to share.
In the recent years I have primarily created content on, then I shared quite some solutions & prototypes on GitHub and recently I have started a new blog called

So why creating another blog?

While all the efforts in the past primarily focused on projects, prototypes to spread the word in the Qlik ecosystem (QlikView, Qlik Sense & Qlik Analytics Plaform), there is just more I want to write about:

  • General trends in the IT-space, Cloud Computing, IoT, microservices, Docker, etc.
  • General programming topics
  • I am a big fan and adopter of IoT, having build a pretty crazy environment at home, which I’d like to start sharing …
  • I have three boys, two of them are entering an age, where I can start building fun stuff together with them (Raspberry PI, robots, etc.).

Learning new technologies is the spice of my professional life, it inspires me and helps me to innovate in my professional life, but it’s also just the enjoyable and free time I need on a daily basis.

So this blog is just a private one, just a place to share some ideas & thoughts - without really taking care what the professional periphery will think about it.

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