GitHub - the Next Bad Guy?

Is GitHub the next bad guy in the IT-industry?

Stefan Walther

It’s not that long ago, that Microsoft was the bad guy for everything happening in the IT-industry. It was just cool to bash MS in favor of any Linux/Open-Source solution.

Now we have 2017, the situation has changed dramatically:

I claim that GitHub has a huge potential to become the new bad guy in the industry:

Can you remember?

  • Not that many years ago, SourceForge was the Nr. 1 Open Source platform.

Sure, there are other (minor) players

I cannot find any numbers, but I guess they are just negligible in terms of number of valuable and important repositories.

So what happens if GitHub is down for a few days, maybe even a week or two?

  • Software companies cannot deliver anymore?
  • CI/CD processes are broken, no deliveries to cloud services anymore …

Do you think this is an unrealistic scenario?

Who is the next big player with the potential to actually break the dependency from GitHub?

Just to make it crystal-clear:

  • I love GitHub and spend a significant amount of time on GitHub!
  • But I am actually scared about how dependent we start to be on a working GitHub environment & service.
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